Waiting Lists for Shareholders

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If you want to join one of these shareholder waiting lists, you must visit the Management Office.

Note: The shareholder waiting lists are separate from the rest of the Penn South website and require their own login. In July 2017 this program was updated and all users must create a new password specifically for the waiting list program. Click the link that says “Logging in for the first time” and enter the email address that you provided to the Management Office.

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About the Waiting Lists for Shareholders

Shareholders who live in Penn South are able apply for the following:
apartment transfer (the household composition must meet the occupancy standards for the new apartment)

Shareholders who request any of the above will be added to waiting lists. Offers will be made to the households that have been waiting the longest, determined by the date of their original application.

July 2017: Create a new login for the updated program

The first time that you log into this new program, you will be asked to create a password. Start by clicking the link that says “Logging in for the first time?” Follow the instructions to finish creating your account. The username is your email address. If your email address is not found in our database, send an email to residents@pennsouth.coop and be sure to indicate your name, building, and apartment.

Note on logins: Cooperators are strongly recommended to create a unique password for the Penn South website. It is especially important that you never re-use passwords from websites or apps that store your personal information such as banks, schools, financial or government institutions, online stores, social media platforms, email programs, etc.